About Me

 Hi I’m Jo, a Counsellor and Kinesiologist from Highfields, Queensland.

10 random things about me

  1. I know what it feels like to be displaced and the lasting impact it can have on a family. When I was 2 we lost our family home and property (that had been in the family for generations) when our land was resumed to build the Glen Lyon Dam. So much grief and loss of security, identity and belonging!
  2. I’ve been fascinated with Family Dynamics my whole life.  I grew up with my Mum and Dad, 4 sisters and 2 brothers….a complicated web! Our relationships and personalities are so diverse and complex…I devoured all the information when I did my Psychology degree and from my first day at Relationships Australia as a Relationship Counsellor I was hooked! The patterns and Attachment styles we develop in our relationships are fascinating. I believe having an understanding of the interactional patterns and emotions of ones family, work and social system presents new and more effective ways for solving problems.
  3. My Grandmother was a Medicine Woman. She had a cool collection of ointments, ‘black stuff’ and plants to heal us. She was intuitive, wise, loving and hard to fool.
  4. I cherish my Circles of Support and know how important community is. In my life I’ve experienced isolation, loneliness, rejection and feeling like I don’t fit in. It’s disastrous to mental health, confidence, self worth and happiness. I’ve also been fortunate to experience the power of being seen and held with love while navigating life’s challenges. I believe everyone deserves to feel seen and accepted for who they are and to know a sense of belonging & connection in this world. This is why I do the work I do.
  5. I believe Grief is something you learn to live with not ‘get over’. My Dad died suddenly when I was 20. I know how quickly everything you think is solid can change. I know what it feels like to carry the pain long after society tells you to ‘get over it’. Life is a precious gift and I’m grateful for each day I have with my loved ones.
  6. I fail at stuff all the time. I’m ok with it now…it’s when I learn the most. After the sting of failure has passed I can usually find a lesson I needed to learn. Learning how to accept ‘my attempts at things that don’t work out how I planned’ with compassion and humour has helped me build courage and confidence. Life is more fun when you don’t take yourself too seriously.
  7. Motherhood is my greatest honour. I felt the most empowered and proud of myself when I birthed my 3 babies….each one was an incredible physical, mental and emotional experience. I had 3 beautiful empowering home births, I adore my daughters and love being a mum. I haven’t found it easy, at times I’ve felt tired, emotional, inadequate, lost, lonely and incompetent. I’ve discovered that self compassion is the real key to happiness.
  8. I use a unique combination of Kinesiology and Psychology to create lasting change. I love how gentle and nurturing Kinesiology is as a tool and it certainly helps get to the root of the issue quickly. Psychology provides a comprehensive cognitive framework for understanding how everything is connected eg our patterns of interacting, our role in relationships and understanding our family system we grew up in. And when used together they give us powerful strategies for change.
  9. I’m a Secret Keeper. I know how much courage it takes for people to share their stories, fears, hopes, emotions and experiences with me. I know how vulnerable they may feel afterwards…..confidentiality helps make the therapy space safe.
  10. I love my job! I love seeing my clients relax their perfectionism, the impossible standards they set for themselves. I love seeing their relationships with themselves and others flourish. Most of all I love to see them start enjoying life.

That’s what I hope to do for you……help you love yourself just as you are. Are you ready? Click here


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)
  • Accredited Relationship Counsellor: Relationships Australia (Qld)
  • Pre-Marriage Educator: FOCCUS and RE-FOCCUS: Centrecare
  • Cert IV Kinesiology CYR College of Kinesiology
  • Cert IV Program Development and Facilitation (Experiential Learning)
  • Sister Circle Facilitator


  • Relationship Counselling – RAQ
  • Sister Circle Facilitation Course
  • Sexuality Counselling – Dr Rosie King
  • Primary Course – Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine ACNEM
  • Mindfulness in Clinical Care Dr Paul Epstein
  • Environmental Health Masterclass
  • Suicide Intervention Workshop


2010–2017  Mary MacKillop Catholic College Board: Chairperson

2011-2017    Toowoomba Women’s Network – IWD Events

1997-2001    Domestic Violence Regional Service: Management Committee

IICT               International Institute Complementary Therapists: Full Member

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