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I initially attended Nourished For Life as a re-introduction to kinesiology after being recommended to Jo by word-of-mouth…and I was not disappointed! I was going through a marriage breakdown and was hoping to find some clarity and level my energies during such an emotional time.

My initial hesitation was simply along the lines of ‘what if my kinesiology sessions bring out more problems than I even know about?! How will I be able to handle that on top of everything else going on?!’

Jo was fantastic, each session we would start with almost a counselling session, and end with a balance- the combination of both was indescribable- Jo was able to get to the root of problems, which had stemmed from my childhood that I wasn’t aware of. This was so much more effective than a standard counselling session. I would leave each session feeling empowered, strong, calm and valued no matter how many tears were shed during my session!

Jo also did marriage counselling during the breakdown of my marriage- it was such a non-judgmental environment that really opened my eyes to things that had both frustrated me in the relationship, as well as things I could have done better. Whilst my former-husband and I weren’t meant to be, I would highly recommend her.

During the year after my separation, I made a pact with myself to see Jo and have a kinesiology session once a month for an entire year. The benefits of this were remarkable- I still had tough and emotional days, but for the most part I was able to keep everything in perspective and have a level head during one of the toughest periods of my life. She helped me allow myself time to grieve, be strong, crumble, be frustrated and happy- all of the emotions that are on this awesome rollercoaster of life.

I would absolutely recommend Jo to anyone going through a crisis, or just wanting to learn more about themselves- she’s a gorgeous soul and I cannot speak enough kind words.

Professional, 33

“I first sought the help of Jo following my unexpected marriage breakdown. I had been trying to cope on my own for many months and was embarrassed to go and see anyone. After all, what could they do? No one could change the situation I just had to deal with it! As time went on, things got harder (not easier as I had hoped they would) and I realised that I needed some support and someone to talk to.

Jo was absolutely amazing. Right from the beginning I felt completely at ease talking to her. She helped me see my situation from different perspectives and often gave me insight into how I was feeling when even I didn’t know. Jo gave me strategies to try when dealing with other people around this situation that were causing me much anxiety and I still use many of these strategies today. Beyond the reasons that I initially went to seek support for, Jo also managed to help me find joy in the things I had and hope for the future.

I love that Nourished For Life is local and I didn’t have to go into town or travel any great distance. The location is perfect and so tranquil. Jo is so warm and welcoming and I felt peaceful just being in her presence and that of her beautiful little cottage.

I would definitely recommend Nourished For Life to anyone who needs some support. Whether is be a small thing that is bothering you or something more challenging, go and see Jo. Her wealth of experience and lovely warm, caring personality certainly made a difference for me.

Consultant, 37

My biggest hesitation about seeking support and coming to Nourished For Life was allowing my self to feel vulnerable, to say ‘Hey, I could do with a little support right now’ and that it’s ok for little worries and stress to feel a lot more.

The biggest changes for me in terms of life, health and stress levels have been that I’m able to be more honest and gentle with myself. I can admit to myself when things aren’t working and I am gentle with myself about that, I’m more comfortable with my emotions and the idea of nurturing and nourishing myself.

I don’t think there is anything else like Nourished For Life. I love how the service is a beautiful combination of talking and sharing in a beautiful supportive environment then being able to work with what’s going on through a range of beautiful tools to help feel more aligned with myself.

I would definitely recommend Nourished For Life to anyone, especially women because sometimes we forget just how important it is to fill our cups and nourish ourselves first and Nourished For Life helps with that.

Adventurer, 23

Initially I was hesitant to make an appointment as I was unaware of kinesiology and how it worked, but a good friend that I was seeing for massages to help with severe back pain highly recommended Nourished For Life and said it would help me. I thought I would give it a go, as I had been suffering from a number of physical problems and was willing to try new therapies, as what I was currently doing was not working.

When I first went to Nourished For Life I was a mess. I wasn’t aware of how bad until now looking back at it all. I was suffering from severe back pain and was unable to walk in the few weeks leading up to my first visit. I had been extremely stressed at work and worked more than 12 hours a day most days as well as working from home and on weekends. I was not managing my work/life balance. My life was work. I had suffered recurrent miscarriages, and my partner and I had been trying for a baby for over 3 years. Needless to say I was exhausted, stressed and barely keeping it together. Then I tried Nourished For Life . I am now enjoying time off work with my little baby girl, and have managed to find a work/life balance. Prior to my maternity leave, I no longer worked long hours at work but still managed to complete my high pressure management role. My relationship with my partner improved dramatically, as has my relationship with co-workers and family. My health has improved phenomenally, no more miscarriages and no more back problems. My whole life has improved.

From the first session I left thinking WOW! I knew I would go back for more sessions simply from what I got out of the first session alone. The best feature was actually understanding how things are related, how one aspect of my life effects another. The counselling, kinesiology and nutritional balancing all work hand-in-hand and create a holistic approach, which worked so well for me. Even on days when I would drive to my appointment and think that I really am doing great and that I don’t really have anything to work on today…I would get there and before I knew it I would be working through some major issues that I had no idea were effecting me because I had been hanging on to them for so long.

I would recommend Nourished For Life to anyone. I found it to be the most effective therapy for me, as it helped me not only physically, but mentally and emotionally too.

Business Manager, 35

I absolutely love Jo! She is a lovely, very down to earth, caring and compassionate woman who has helped me beyond words. She is extremely good at what she does and I always feel comfortable in her presence. Her rooms are beautiful also.

I would highly recommend Jo to anyone and everyone.

Mum, 28

I was very hesitant about coming to you, as I felt quite saddened that I needed to talk to somebody else about my problems. I really thought that I could solve my problems on my own, but really I couldn’t.

My life only since I went on an overseas holiday on my own at the end of last year, made me realise I could do something for myself. I actually hated the fact that I was doing this, without my family, feeling anxious, worried, scared about going. I think I cried every day for the week before I went, even up to the day I walked our of our family home with my suitcase. Really I think whilst I was at the airport other people were looking at me as if somebody had just died.. By this stage I was like a little girl lost at an international airport… After a week on my holiday, I returned home feeling somewhat “Wonderful and Relaxed”.. Who would have thought I would be feeling like this… Everybody at home did survive without me, and I did survive without them…

I believe without your talks, friendship this may not of happened and I would recommend you to any of my friends.

Thank you Jo for helping me.

Mum, 45

I first decided to visit Jo at ‘Nourished For Life’ for a kinesiology mind body balance but what I got was so much more. My life was out of balance and I was beating myself up because I couldn’t cope with all the emotions and anxiety I was feeling. That voice in my head was screaming out ‘get over it’, you’re a wife and a mother they need you, you don’t have time for this nonsense. Here is a quote that sums up what I have learnt:

It’s ok to be upset

It’s ok to be angry

It’s ok to be stuck

It’s ok to feel confused

It’s ok to feel lonely

It’s ok to feel hurt

It’s ok to cry

It’s ok not to be ok

Jo offered a safe, warm and gentle environment that allowed me to be completely open and work through my feelings. Thank you Jo x

Mum, 34

My first hesitation with coming to Nourished For Life was whether I was wasting Jo’s time and if I really did have any serious issues. How disillusioned I was.

Not only have the sessions with Nourished For Life helped me personally and professionally, they have also helped our family. We have a more open and closer relationship with communication being very important in our household.

What I loved about Nourished For Life is there is no pressure. It was an open invitation to return for future sessions with not feeling the hard sell. This is very refreshing and very comforting.

I highly recommend Nourished For Life as Jo is very professional, caring and each session is done in a nurturing environment.

Business Owner, 42

For the last 7 years I have been seeking help in some way or another to help with my anxiety and depression. It has all certainly helped and I wasn’t sure if Nourished For Life would be any different. I was also to the stage of feeling that there was no more help I could get and wasn’t sure if going was worth it.

I am certainly feeling calmer and that “fuzzy/unclear” feeling is certainly not present as it used to be. The vitamin recommendations from the Hair Analysis have also assisted me as well and improved my overall well being. Jo has taken a different approach to what I had been doing which was great. Having the Hair Analysis was great as it definitely explained some areas and gave me some “ah hah” moments as to why I was feeling like I was and not progressing. The vitamins have definitely helped me and all at a very reasonable price. I enjoy her doing a balance on me and believe it does really help. Jo has provided me with easy, sensible strategies to use in certain situations.

YES!! I would definitely refer others and already have. Jo makes you feel at ease and is very professional. She has a very calm and beautiful manner. I love that she is realistic and understands what it feels like to be a Mum who is busy and working, not only as a Mum but in her occupation as well.

Nourished For Life goes that little bit extra by keeping in touch between appointments in a very caring way.

Teacher, 36

I did not have any hesitations coming to Nourished For Life for support. The timing was perfect and I was ready. Since I have been to Nourished For Life, my perspective on life and myself as a person has changed positively. I always draw on the tools and support, I learnt to help me through stress, health and in general life. I no longer strive so hard to be a perfectionist.

What I loved about Nourished For Life was the instant feelings of support and love, no judgement. I knew I could relax in the now and trust in the sessions to take me where I needed healing at that moment in that time. I would absolutely recommend Nourished For Life to any Mum out there needing that little bit extra support and reassurance.

Yoga Teacher, 37

With an initial sense of curiosity for an alternative healing approach, I first visited Nourished For Life almost 3 years ago now. Jo generously combined her highly tuned skills in Kinesiology, Counselling and Nutrition to support me in reaching my personal goals of living my life wholeheartedly. I truly knew I was being Nourished from the inside out with the genuine care I received – my experience was life changing.

Having Jo in my corner has helped nurture the confidence I  have needed to gently break through some self imposed barriers I held, in a whole new way. I notice a sense of clarity, presence and sparkle in my daily life. I continue to recommend Nourished For Life to my friends, acquaintances, clients and customers.

Business Owner, 41



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