Empowerment Therapy

I use a unique combination of Counselling and Kinesiology to guide you to create balance in your life.

Kinesiology and Counselling aims to improve our communication with ourselves and others, identify and understand thought and behaviour patterns, shows us how listen to ourselves, releases stress and therefore helps improve our quality of life. Kinesiology uses muscle testing, usually the right arm, to access information held in a clients subconscious. It’s the link that enables the therapist to more quickly uncover the connection between what’s happening in the present and where that came from. Various techniques are then used to assist the body to release the stress.

Jo was fantastic, each session we would start with almost a counselling session, and end with a balance- the combination of both was indescribable- Jo was able to get to the root of problems, which had stemmed from my childhood that I wasn’t aware of. This was so much more effective than a standard counselling session. I would leave each session feeling empowered, strong, calm and valued no matter how many tears were shed during my session!

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“I just wanted to say a big thanks for putting me on the right path mentally and emotionally. I think you’re special and are a wonderful therapist.”