Relationship Counselling

Benefits of Relationship Counselling

  • Help identify patterns in your relationship
  • Improve communication
  • Deepen intimacy and connection
  • Manage differences
  • Promote self awareness and growth
  • Clarify feelings
  • Identify what factors are contributing to misunderstandings
  • Understanding what went wrong – counselling after a relationship has ended can help individuals move on to healthier relationships

Common Patterns

An interesting pattern to explore in relationships in the Overfunctioner-Underfunctioner pattern. In simple terms this is how a couple might respond to stress. The Over-functioner shifts into fixing mode, taking control and offering advice. The Under-functioner zones out, and hopes others will take responsibility. An over-functioner may receive the label ‘nagging, under-functioner ‘lazy’. At first glance we may think the OF is the ideal productive partner…..but there is so much more to this pattern.

Common Attachment Styles

Anxious Attachment Style – Clingy; needy; have trouble trusting; over focused on relationship. Give up your needs in order to please your partner; take everything personally; sometimes play games and manipulate; feel jealous easily.

Avoidant Attachment Style – Independent; believes no one can meet your needs; emotionally closed; uncomfortable with intimacy or getting too close; suppress your emotions; may use sulking as a behaviour to communicate feelings and needs; fear rejection; believe people will let you down.

Secure Attachment Style – warm and loving; comfortable with intimacy, sharing your feelings and asking for what you want. Responsive to partners needs; good self esteem, problem solving and apologising skills.


The main focus of Relationship Counselling will be on helping you understand your current patterns of interacting and to show you new techniques and strategies for maintaining secure attachment in relationships.

You will be encouraged to see how your beliefs and behaviours contribute to the current patterns in your relationships. I will draw on my skills as an accredited Relationship Counsellor and extensive clinical experience to help you focus on communication, conflict resolution and intimacy. Changing attachment styles and interactional patterns can be hard work. Remember you don’t have to do it alone.

“Our session with you was not just good, it was excellent!!”

“Not only have the sessions with Nourished For Life helped me personally and professionally, they have also helped our family. We have a more open and closer relationship with communication being very important in our household.”

Couples are encouraged to attend together, however often these sessions are with individuals wanting to understand their behaviour in relationships in general.

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“I first sought the help of Jo following my unexpected marriage breakdown. I had been trying to cope on my own for many months and was embarrassed to go and see anyone. After all, what could they do? No one could change the situation I just had to deal with it! As time went on, things got harder (not easier as I had hoped they would) and I realised that I needed some support and someone to talk to.

Jo was absolutely amazing. Right from the beginning I felt completely at ease talking to her. She helped me see my situation from different perspectives and often gave me insight into how I was feeling when even I didn’t know. Jo gave me strategies to try when dealing with other people around this situation that were causing me much anxiety and I still use many of these strategies today. Beyond the reasons that I initially went to seek support for, Jo also managed to help me find joy in the things I had and hope for the future.”